I grew up in a Haitian household, in a predominant Italian neighborhood and went to a very multicultural high school…this clearly had an influence on my cuisine and I became the product of my environment. The multicultural essence of Montreal has made me explore and love food from around the world and although Palme is a Caribbean restaurant, you will find a touch of those influences in most of my dishes
— Chef Ralph Alerte


Trained in classical French techniques, CHEF RALPH ALERTE has always sought to celebrate his origins from Haiti in his cooking. 

Chef RALPH first discovered the joys of experimenting in the kitchen at a young age, having to cook for himself because of his mother’s busy work schedule. A learned passion he furthered through rigorous training and perfected by working his way up, from line cook to Executive chef at Kalalu, Confusion and the renowned Knox Tavern.

Every gastronomical endeavor has been, for Ralph, an opportunity to bring something different to the table. While the original taste, spices and exotic flavors of the Caribbean are highlighted at Palme, it is this Chef’s ability to bring together the best in creole cuisine by using a surprising mix of ingredients that makes his style and talent one of a kind.

Restaurant Palme, in the end, is nothing less than a labor of love. High school sweethearts and now husband and wife, Ralph Alerte and Lee-Anne Millaire Lafleur, have created an intimate experience that celebrates their personal heritage and respective international and local journeys through food and luxurious hospitality.